Share Your Adopted Pet’s Story and Photo

Does your adopted pet have a story to tell?

Our debut project will be a book showcasing stories and photos of adopted animals who have found loving forever homes. All types of animals are welcome.

This is both a charity project and a fundraiser for the press. Fifty percent of the proceeds* will go to the Humane Society, and the other fifty percent will go toward paying authors and artists for our next project.

If your photo is chosen for the cover, you will receive a gift certificate to pamper your pet, and we will donate $100 to the animal shelter of your choice.

The photos and stories that don’t make the final cut for the book will be shared online to promote pet adoption and tell the story of your amazing pet.

*The proceeds in this case are the profit after only printing and marketing costs–the editing, design, and formatting are all being donated for this project.

Tell us your pet’s story.

We are looking for anything from cute or funny antidotes to emotional stories of how your adopted pet has changed your life for the better.

Length can vary from a short snippet to accompany your pet’s photo to a short narrative. In general, we’re looking for your pet’s story in under a 1,000 words, but some stories simply need more words. Send us whatever you feel best shares what is special about your pet.

You do not have to be a writer to submit your pet’s story. If writing is not your strength, just send us the details about your pet along with your pet’s photo, and if your pet is selected for inclusion in the book, we can craft the details into a narrative.

Share the cuteness.

This will be a print book, so we are looking for photos that are high-quality both in terms of lighting and composition, and pixel size. Vertical photos are preferred, but especially adorable horizontal photos will also be considered.

If you only have low-quality photos of a pet with an amazing story, we will still consider the story and either include a smaller version of the photo and/or an illustrated pet portrait, depending on the final book design.

What should we name it?

If there’s one thing pet owners are good at, it’s coming up with great names. This project is currently untitled, and we want you to help us name it. If your title is chosen, we will donate $25 to the animal shelter of your choice.

Sit, stay…

As every pet knows, humans have rules, and here are ours. Any submitted photos and stories must be your own, and you must be the current copyright holder.

We will need a signed model release for any humans included in your photo, so please only send photos including humans if that human is you, your dependent, or you can get a model release from the pictured person or their guardians.

You will retain the copyright of your photo and text (if you wrote it). Our contract only asks permission to use your photo and story for print and digital versions of the book and for online promotion of this project.

Ready to share your pet’s photo and story?

Send your adorable photos and inspiring pet stories as email attachments to