Call for Artists

We are always on the lookout for artists from a wide range of styles who have a love for creative collaboration. Whether you are just starting to build your portfolio or have years of professional experience, we would love to see your work.

We are primarily looking for illustrators but are also in search of photographers and voice artists interested in recording podfics or audiobooks.

You can check our Current Projects page for specific artist calls, or if you would like to be considered for future projects, please fill out the below form. We will contact you the next time we have a project that we think would fit your style.

Please check all types of art and pay you want to be considered for. Since one of our main goals is creative collaboration, we are primarily looking for artists who would like to work with a writer to bring a scene from their story to life or the reverse–to provide a vision for writers to create a story from.

We are currently looking for wildlife illustrators for a large upcoming charity project but eventually also for print projects. Cover artists and scientific/technical illustrators are wanted for print projects.

Types of Pay

Children’s book illustrations, graphic novel art, and audio book readings are currently being contracted as a percentage of royalty (usually a third, split evenly between the author, artist, and publisher). All other projects fall into one of the following pay categories.

Charity projects are intended as fun, collaborative portfolio-building projects to support the selected charity.

Pay projects (usually $25 to $50 per illustration or audio reading) are for our upcoming e-zine, which is intended as a way to celebrate new authors’ and artists’ voices and visions. It’s also meant as a fun portfolio builder, although, professional artists who would like to support new authors are of course also welcome to play along.

Pro-pay ($150+ per illustration) is for our print books–still intended to be fun projects, but we will only be considering more experienced artists for these projects. Experienced does not mean that you have to have a long professional resume.

We don’t care what professional projects you have or haven’t done; we only care that you have experience honing your craft, which will come through in your portfolio even if no one has ever seen your work before.

Portfolio Link

We do need a link to your portfolio so that we can see the style and quality of your art, but your portfolio does not have to be a formal website. Just point us towards where we can see your work whether that is a slick online portfolio or a social media account where you’ve posted some of your work.

We look forward to seeing what you have so far created and to working with you on future projects!